Acupuncturist trained in Beijing, China

Leslie Kim Gray has been licensed 14 years as an Acupuncturist in Arizona, Massachusetts, and Florida. Also worked as a Certified Surgical Technologist and Surgical Assistant for 19 years in 5 states. Trained in California at South Baylo University that taught acupuncture in Korean, Chinese and in English. Added training in Orthopedic Acupuncture and completed an internship in Beijing, China in 2001. Graduated from Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine in Santa Monica, CA with a Master’s in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine on the Dean’s List 2003.

Prior to school, I worked in surgery as a Surgical Technologist /Surgical Assistant from 1988 – 2007 at multiple locations, University of San Antonio, Texas level 1 trauma hospital, Yuma, AZ, Oak Ridge, TN level 1 trauma center, University of Knoxville, Tennesse urology clinic, Santa Ana Western Medical Center a level 1 trauma center in California, Martin Luther King Medical school level 1 trauma center in Watts, CA, and at Long Beach, CA level 1 trauma center.

I was stuck in surgery in 1991 with a needle that had just sutured the liver of a man who had Hepatitis C. Five years later I was positive for Hepatitis C. I refused the treatment. 12 co-workers had the treatment for Hepatitis C, but ten said they would never repeat the treatment with Interferon and Ribavirin again.

We moved to CA, and I sprained my ankle surfing. I broke that ankle ten years prior. I wanted to heal my ankle, and not have medications to pass thru my liver, numbing my perception. I saw an Acupuncturist in San Clemente, CA. He recognized my liver problems. He treated both my ankle and my liver. His partner was a Liver Cancer MD from China doing research with San Diego State University. I saw her, and she was able to help me fix my liver.

My hepatologist recognized my liver was improving and asked what I was doing. I explained acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. He said to keep doing it it is helping. I decided this was the medicine that works. I found schooling and learned as many aspects of this medicine as I could.

I utilize Balance Method and MasterTung Acupuncture with the best of results.

I held Best of Acupuncture three years in a row in the South Shore of Massachusetts.

My goal is to make a positive difference in the life of others looking to improve their health conditions. I educate on what acupuncture is doing like moving blood for pain relief or nourishing deficiencies, moving the body’s Qi to increase energy and move pain. I have always worked to fix issues. If I can not make a difference in a few treatments, I may not be able too. Everyone is unique and responds differently to acupuncture.

Affordable Community Acupuncture is my goal to help others. I really care about others and I love what I do. I am glad that I am the newest Community Acupuncture Glendale-based. West Phoenix Community Acupuncture can be had just West of 43rd Avenue located on the North side of Thunderbird.

Soon to be the Best Affordable Quality Community Acupuncture. Call 480-843-7050 for more information.

Community Acupuncture West 4358 W. Thunderbird Rd Glendale, AZ 85306

~ Disclaimer: There are No guarantee of results or specific outcomes with my treatment per the laws of Google ~